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Kyriakos Kaziras Photographe

Kyriakos Kaziras

Kyriakos Kaziras is a professional photographer, Greek and French, now living in France.

Born in Greece, his passion for photography and painting began at an early age, thanks to the influence of his two grandfathers, one an artist and the other a keen amateur photographer.

His family moved to Geneva when he was 16, where he learned French. He then move to France, where he studied French literature at the Sorbonne.

During his first trip to southern Africa, he fell in love with the immensity of the veldt, the light and the animals. Since then he has never stopped travelling to most remote corners of the planet, from African plains to polar regions.

He draws his inspiration from lights, the search for emotion and encounters.

Highly influenced by painting, Kyriakos Kaziras has a very pictural approach to photography. The cameras are his paintbrushes.